In 2012 I was commissioned by Giaguaro Architects to do a photographic and video documentary
about the project they developed. We start a more than a month jorney.
It becomes what ''Lost in La Mancha'' is for Terry Gilliam.
It was my first attempt into something that big despite everything I learn both about human and
documentary. I think I could easily edit a ''do and don't'' video from the footage.

The project aims to restablish the river
connection between Baltic Sea and Black
Sea, in order to create a network of
development along its route, where
Vistula river, Bug, Dnieper-Bug canal,Pripyat
and Dniepr rivers are involved.
As the current conditions do not allow a
good fruibility of all the way, due to the
impoverishment of existing structures, bad
accessibility and environmental risk areas,
the idea of improving the water connection
would permit and increase cultural, economic,
social,touristic exchanges through Poland,
Belarus, Ukraine and the Black Sea regions.
The starting point of our intervention will
be Gdansk as a strategic city in the Baltic
region, ending up in Istanbul as a unique
simbolic intersection between east and
On its way, Kiev, crossed by Dniepr river
and located in the middle point of the
connection, becomes a strategical place
to focus our project.
We think the improvement of this river
connection would have great potentialities
in strenghten relations between the two
seas, Eastern and Western Europe,
European rivers system and would generate a
consequent development through the countries

Giaguaro Architects.

Here the architectural development website
made by Giaguaro Architects.

This is the very short video made for them to show while presenting the project.
Only images no interviews.

The following are part of the photos I did.
While traveling I understood how difficult is doing alone both video and photography.
Every photo is made on film 6x9 with a very heavy must be on tripod camera.

War Memorial,Westerplatte,Gdansk,Poland.

War Memorial,Westerplatte,Gdansk,Poland.

Wisla River,Warsaw,Poland.

Pinsk from the top,Pinsk,Belarus.



While traveling I decide to open a facebook page so the friends and enterested people
could follow the day by day developing of their field research.
The following is a teaser made with my very old first digital camera 2mp.
I love that lo-fi thing unfortunately it broke during the journey.


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Because I totally missed the Turkey and part of Ukrain photography I decided to
edit a serie focused on the watergates in Belarus.
Today (2020 Febbruary) I know I have to color corect it but I have to find all the scans.
Soon on the same page.

HERE a side serie specific on the watergates along the Belarus route.

After many attempt an plenty of versions, in 2016 I was able to release the final version of the
video documentary.
The video is private because I don't own the right to certain music.
But this is the password to see it.
Looking foward to hear your critics (DM me on Instagram)

This is the only one copy DVD.
I copied the graphic from the italian edition of ''Stranger Than Paradise''
of Jim Jarmusch.
(I stole the plastic cover too).

This is the teaser.

This is the documentary

25'' ITA/ENG

Later the DVD became a phamphlet with printed photos and to the end the short link to the documentary with the password included.
Soon the representation HERE.

Ottomans Lightbox

June 2012.
In Istanbul, after a so inspirational journey, my non stop curiosity let me bought an old ottoman negative glass that two electricians, without any warning, transformed into a lightbox.

The process

The result